Radiologist Dr. Gail Weingast

Over many years, Dr. Gail Weingast has grown to become one of the most prominent radiology specialists in the country. She has been with William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, Connecticut for more than two decades now, but for about 20 years before that, she learned everything possible and practiced successfully wherever she could. That’s because, she always wanted to be the best she could be. As Backus Hospital’s Chief of Ultrasound and Breast Imaging, she runs what is now considered one of the best radiology departments in the country.
Dr. Gail Weingast can take a lot of credit for that. It has largely been her efforts that have led the transformation into the department’s current lofty status. Her long and winding education and career journey molded her into what she is today. She became Dr. Gail Weingast MD in 1976, after studying at the Boston University School of Medicine. She completed numerous internships and residencies in Colorado and she practiced in hospitals in Colorado and New York before settling into at Backus Hospital. It is the knowledge and experience she gained over the years that allowed her to guide her department to its current position.